Date Posted
11th Sep 2014

How to curl Synthetic hair

We are asked so many times how to curl our synthetic hair.

It is in fact very easy though time consuming. Our video shows  us using heated rollers and a hair dryer. We also have some plastic rollers we use with some tin foil wrapped round them for heat and to stop marks from the roller spikes. Both methods work equally well. The trick is to take small sections and let them cool after heat from the dryer. If you want lots of curls don't brush them through to much. If you want waves brush them a lot. The curls will last for a long time. If you want to straighten them get a friend to hold them and blow dry them straight with a hot dryer. ( this must be done on DRY hair ). Everyone says you can use irons to curl synthetic hair. In our experience you will ruin/fry the hair. 

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